Business and Financial Planning

A strategic business plan is much more than a tool to obtain financing. A strategic plan can help you clarify your company's direction. It can ensure that your key leaders are all on the same page, and keeps both management and staff focused on the tasks at hand.

In today's complex and competitive environment, a well-developed business plan is an absolute necessity for a successful business.  Whether you are a start-up company needing to attract venture capital, a well-established operation looking for advice on key issues or simply planning for a comfortable future, a strategic business plan outlining your objectives and action plan is a vital tool to achieve your goals, strengthen your financial security and can make a significant contribution to your company's success.

Our business and financial planning services are designed to meet your changing needs and interests and allows you to effectively predict upcoming problems, or help prevent them.

Through our planning process, we can:

  1. Assess your financial needs and develop long-term objectives and specific strategies to facilitate your future growth and success.

  2. Help you understand the tax issues, determine the tax consequences and recommend the appropriate strategies for a proposed transaction.

  3. Develop financial plans with projected start-up costs, operating expenses, revenue and profits.

  4. Develop marketing plans including full descriptions of targeted promotional campaigns with implementation timelines.

  5. Develop staffing plans including identifying the key players, skills, attitudes and expertise needed to build the venture.

  6. Develop management plans including full descriptions of management systems and timelines for implementation.

We understand that change is constant, therefore we are continually monitoring marketplace developments, industry data and business strategies. 

Protecting and helping the growth of our client's business is the key to the long-term relationships we have developed.

For information or questions regarding our business and financial planning services, please contact us.