Tax Preparation

Our firm has the knowledge and experience to offer the most vital and comprehensive tax preparation services to our clients.  We are here to help you make the most of your money and time when tax time comes around.  Since the tax law is constantly changing, we are continually working to stay current with the latest legislation and to closely monitor the development of new tax laws and the affects they have on our clients.

During the preparation of your tax returns, we consider every spectrum in helping our clients minimize their taxes legally allowed, while maximizing their tax saving opportunities and benefits by taking advantage of every legal deduction.  We take pride in the fact that the personal assistance you receive year-round comes from our years of experience in preparing tax returns with a professional staff who has the expertise and training to spot potential opportunities.

We not only aid in the reporting of taxes, we also assist clients with tax planning aimed at lowering their current and future tax liabilities.  We strive to provide proactive tax planning strategies that will protect and preserve your wealth.  

Our firm provides tax services in the following areas:

  • Individual (Multi-state)
  • Partnerships (LLC's)
  • Corporation (Sub-S)
  • Fiduciary (Trust and Estates)
  • Gift Income Tax
  • Profit Sharing, 401(k) and Pension Plans
  • Non-Profit Organizations

 For information or questions regarding our tax services, please contact us.